Why you should be seen wearing this watch on your wrist right now

| | Jack Evans


Boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at their watch.”

This is a saying circulating around the Internet, and while it’s a catchy statement, there’s a lot of truth to be taken from it.A good watch is a symbol. Since the late 18th century, men have been sporting timepieces on their wrists. At first, it was genuinely to know what time it was. Through the years, watches became more of a status symbol – an indicator of the level of one’s wealth. This saying implies that if you need to pull out your smartphone to see what time it is, you’re not successful enough to own a watch that you would be proud to show off on your wrist.

However, as smartphones became widely popular and increased in both usage and price, watches fell by the wayside. Smartphones became their own status symbol and replaced a number of common objects, including alarm clocks, cameras and calendars.

Lately, that trend is turning back around and wristwatches are making a huge comeback around the world. With its large metal face and polished wide strap, this Luxury Quartzwatch is a beautiful timepiece that is sure to be turning heads for years to come.

First, a little history on watches

Before you can appreciate the look and feel of a luxurious watch, you should know a little bit about the history of timepieces.

As with many items, watches were invented out of necessity. They were a navigation tool, helping explorers determine exactly where they were in the world. Soon, watches were seen as more of a timepiece, helping people determine how much time there was to get things done before the end of the day. Soldiers wore watches on their wrist so they could get a quick read of the time at a glance.

It didn’t take long for the watch to develop into a fashion accessory for men and women alike. For generations, people would continue to turn to the wristwatch for its comfortable, practical and stylish attributes. Around the 1960s, young people turned to the humble wristwatch as a status symbol. Like fine china once received great fanfare as an heirloom wedding gift, the watch evolved into the perfect graduation present to mark this momentous milestone.

It wasn’t until the 1980s when the watch took center stage as a symbol of wealth, status and position in the community. If you had a Rolex, then you were seen as someone who commanded a lot of respect. The decade was the height of popularity for watches before the smartphone came on the scene – that is, until now.


Why you need this watch

As the watch fell out of favor as a timepiece, it found new life as a healthy living device. In recent years, watches and other wrist devices have been utilized to monitor heart rates, track blood pressure levels and help users set small, manageable goals. While these “watches” motivated people to take better care of their health, they weren’t exactly inspiring to look at all day.

The pendulum is swinging back the other way and watches are receiving a second look for their fabulous designs, quality quartz mechanisms and ability to display your personality on your wrist. A watch says a lot about you. This exquisite Luxury Quartzwatch oozes confidence, authority and charm.

This watch is durable enough to wear while at work and so versatile that it can be effortlessly paired with a suit and tie if you’re preparing to go to church or to dinner for a special evening out on the town. Its neutral color and attractive styling make it the perfect choice for any occasion.

You’ll also never have to worry about this watch failing you. Its dependable quartz mechanism ensures proper movement, providing precise and accurate timekeeping each and every time.

Now, you may be thinking that if you need to know the time, you can just glance at your smartphone. That may work some of the time, but how often have you pulled your phone out of your purse or pocket only to remember that you needed to send a text to your mom or you turned it on to discover that you have a social media notification, so you checked it “real quick” only to get sucked into a time black hole and before you’re aware, 30 minutes had ticked off the clock? There are also many occasions where you may not want to light up your phone screen to subtly check the time, like when you’re in a movie theater, for example.

What makes this watch tick?

You may think that once you’ve seen one wristwatch, you’ve seen them all. Not so. This Luxury Quartzwatch is in a category by itself. For starters, with fewer moving parts, your quartz watch will last for years. This watch also offers an electric plated case that will never fade, time presented in multi time zones and a working, yet decorative sub-dial.

This isn’t even the best part! These features are showcased in an attractive design with a round dial glass and polished stainless steel band with a sheet folding clasp. It is sure to turn heads. Remember, just as with clothing and fashion, watches can be accessorized in different ways and with its classic styling, this watch coordinates with absolutely any outfit, from casual to formal.

How Much Does the Luxury Quartzwatch Cost?

You would expect a watch this good to be anywhere between 300-600US$+, so the retail price of 145US$ is way below our expected range!

HOWEVER, do you know what’s better than paying the already good full 145US$ price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just 72US$! They also included FREE shipping, which is always nice!

That’s a small price to pay, for a watch that will provide you the status and style you deserve! It seems even more amazing when you consider some big brand models cost 3-5 times more…

How you can get your wrist this watch

You won’t find the Luxury Quartzwatch in any local stores. This beautiful statement timepiece is available only at our online store. Discounts are available if you choose to purchase more than one Luxury Quartzwatch as a gift for upcoming graduations, anniversaries and birthdays.

Introduce yourself to the world without saying a word. The Luxury Quartzwatch is an investment in your future. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping. You’ve got nothing to lose and fantastic watch to gain – visit our website today!