Can This Funny Little Tool Seriously Remove Body Hair Permanently?

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Summary: There’s a ton of hype going around about this weird new gadget that can, supposedly, give you a great help with your body and facial hair. Instantly. sounds too good

Look, we all get it- body hair is just plain annoying. You’ve always known that laser hair removal would be nice, but who’s got the time and money for that?

…So, when we heard about this handheld laser hair removal, we just had to check it out, and see if it was really up to the hype. Here’s what we found…

What, Exactly, Am I Looking At?

This thing is the Soft Skin IPL Hair Remover.

I guess the name kind of gives it away- but, yes, this thing can remove your body hair.


Using light bursts (kinda like lasers, but not quite).

Or so they say… But, again, we have to ask- does it really? You know how this internet stuff usually doesn’t live up to the hype.

So, since beach season isn’t 100% over yet- and because it’s nice to wear shorts sometimes- shaving is still something that we need to live with, annoyingly. 

Besides wanting to check this thing out from a professional point of view, we also wanted to see- for ourselves- if it works as well as they say.

So, does it live up to the hype? Why or why not?

Let’s find out!

Why’s It So Popular?

As we all know- shaving is a pain, first and foremost. 

You’ve got to take all that time out of your day, multiple times a week; and more often than not you walk away with a shaving nick. And, yeah- that feeling afterwards with those smooth, hairless legs- that’s awesome. But it never lasts.

You always need to shave again, and again.

Plus, it just slows you down, doesn’t it?

You know how it is- you want to be spontaneous and go to the beach, or you want to wear shorts to the gym, or wear a high skirt, or whatever. But- you always need to pause and take time out of your day to shave, before you can go out.

Always such an annoying disruption, right? (I thought so too!)

So- that’s the reason we all want to get IPL, or laser treatment hair removal, right? But, who can afford that? Those appointments are usually hundreds of dollars- if not thousands.

This is where the Soft Skin IPL Hair Remover comes into play.

Here’s what we found, based on our own experiences with it, and the research we did.

Basically, it works like this:

💇 Removes hair immediately: It flash burns hair away during the very first use
🌱 Slows hair regrowth: It starts to kill the hair cells that grow body hair- preventing further hair growth
🛑 Eventually ends hair growth: After extended use, it completely prevents regrowth of body hair
🤭 You get other benefits: IPL light gives other benefits to the quality and condition of your skin, according to WebMD (more on this below!)

After the first time, it’s just like a shave- the IPL effect removes the hair from wherever you apply it, and slows down the regrowth.

How Does The Treatment Work?

So- you take it out of the box, charge it, buzz your skin with the ‘magic’ IPL laser- and voila, you’re hair-free?

How it works exactly?

We’re not scientists, but here’s the gist of it.

IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) uses concentrated bursts of light energy, to target certain colors of skin tone. We’ll let our experts explain it for us:

When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells, and that gets rid of the thing you’re being treated for. Unlike lasers, an IPL device sends out more than one wavelength of pulsating light. It can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time. After IPL, you may look younger because your skin tone is more even. And since the light doesn’t hurt other tissue, you can get better quickly.”

Sweet, right?

Permanently remove body hair, while making your skin tone look younger, and brighter.

Here’s a nice, short-’n’-sweet rundown on the features:

📡 Wireless- can be used anywhere
🔋 Fully rechargeable in less than a day
🤕 Pain-free
⚖️ Lightweight, easy to hold & use
👦 Quickly removes body & facial hair
🌱 Slows, and eventually prevents, regrowth of body & facial hair
⌛ Save time and energy on constantly shaving
🦚 Improves beauty and visual quality of skin

Sounds crazy, right?

Seriously- just imagine never needing to shave again, for the rest of your life.

Imagine how confident you would feel, knowing that your skin was flawlessly smooth and hairless- literally, any time of the day, any day of the week. Without you needing to worry or think about it before choosing your clothes! 

This is the benefit that you get from this handheld IPL treatment- that only costs a fraction of retail IPL service.


You know what I liked most about it?

The convenience. I love knowing that I won’t need to shave ever again- I can put on any swimsuit I want, and just head out to the beach, and not worry about shaving. Dream-come-true!

Seriously- if you’ve never tried IPL like this before, you’re missing out. 

Here Are A Few Questions Lots Of People Ask…

Q: How Does It Feel To Use? Painful?
A: IPL is practically painless. There is a hot, mildly stinging feeling (that some people actually like!). In any case, it’s way better than a brazillian wax.

Q: Is It Hard To Use?
A: Not at all. When you get it in the mail, all you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, charge it, then run it over the parts of your body that you want to be hairfree. It really is that simple.

Q: What if I don’t like how it works?
A: If you think it doesn’t work as you want it to (which would surprise me), you can get 100% money back within 30 days. It’s pretty much no risk to try it.

On average, according to, an average IPL treatment is US$700, at the lowest, and up to US$1200. Call it $1000, on average- and since it’s cosmetic, you won’t get any support from your insurance.

Meanwhile, the Soft Skin IPL Hair Remover is just a measly US$192.

How Can The Price Be So Low?

Crazy, right? When you compare the cost of this to the cost of standard IPL treatment, you feel like something’s just not right.

That’s what we thought too. I decided to look into it and see where the crazy cost disparity is from.

Basically, there are 3 reasons:

1️⃣ In a business where you get IPL treatment, they need to charge extra to cover the cost of the equipment, the rent, the staff, the computers, the software, blah blah blah- all that overhead drives up expenses through the roof. You need to pay extra. 
2️⃣ The company selling these- Adogadgets- is a totally online supplier. They’ve got no overhead costs, so they don’t need to drive up costs so much to make a profit.
3️⃣ There’s a 50% off sale right now- which is why the price is US$96 instead of the usual US$192!

Why Is There A Sale Right Now?

Turns out…

The timing is just right!

The vendor selling these is running a big promo right now. This is a common business tactic.

See, these companies like to announce a new product release (like this Laser Hair Remover) with a juicy 50% off, and use that to fuel a crazy marketing campaign.

Then, as the hype spreads and everyone is starting to place their orders-


They end the sale and prices double, but everyone still is desperate to buy.

The people that acted fast got 50% off- and the people that waited, or came late to the party, paid the full price.

Closing Thoughts; Is It Worth The Hype?

Based on my own personal experience, and research?


Seriously. Just think of it this way-

Imagine spending the rest of your life with smooth, flawlessly hairless skin all over your body and face. No embarrassing body hair. No worrying if you can go out in a bikini, or those shorts.

No interrupting, or delaying your plans constantly so you can shave before going out.

And, you can get it for less than a fifth the usual cost in a clinic. 

You can get yours at this link, if you click now:


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