Can You Seriously Get Fresh, Quality Air Conditioning For This Low Price?

| | Jack Evans


Summary: Something crazy came to the attention of our product review team, a few weeks back… Apparently, there’s this hot (or rather, cold) new invention taking the internet by storm. 

It had this awesome ability to save the buyer a ton of money 💸💸 on air conditioning or humidifiers, while making their personal space way more comfortable.

Our team decided that we just had to give it a try, and see if it lived up to the ever-increasing hype.

Actually… that’s actually half of the reason we got it. We didn’t only want to review it, but we were hoping to use that exact same kind of thing in our office. It’s already warm here in the spring, and it gets REALLY hot here in the summer!

We’ll dive in with a bit more detail… But, suffice to say, we were not disappointed.

What Am I Looking At?

You’re looking at none other than the IceBox.

What Is The IceBox?

The IceBox is a mini, portable, and convenient air conditioner. Basically, this little guy works as a miniature space cooler. You’ve got 3 settings of strength you can use.

Sounds like a fan? It’s not, and here’s the difference- a fan aggressively blows air, whereas the IceBox gently releases cool air into the space. 

Sometimes, having wind blow on your skin and through your hair can be pretty distracting and annoying. It’s also a bad option if it’s an office or desk, because you’ll blow your papers everywhere!

When we received ours, the first thing that surprised us was how simple it was to set up and use. It really is portable- it’s easy to take in your car, if your AC is busted. It works great for keeping your work space cool, when it’s a little too warm in the room. Really, you can take it to any space.

Just add water, click the button, and BAM- you’ve got a pleasant, cool little space that feels nice to sit in!

This innovative portable air cooler is designed to give you the following benefits:

🌡️ Improve the temperature of your environment in a matter of seconds.
🌬️ Enjoy three levels of airflow speed.
💰 Avoid costly amounts of electrical energy, since thanks to its innovative operating design its consumption is very low.
🕒 Long duration of airflow per recharge, between 6 to 8 hours.
😴 Enjoy peaceful nights of sleep, avoiding that annoying nighttime heat.
🔕 Many air conditioners emit high levels of noise, with the Icebox Air Cooler that’s over thanks to its suction tube engine that is almost imperceptible while working.

What Makes it So Special?

Well, right off the bat, let’s just say this- it WORKS. 

It’s got the cooling, comfy effect of a fan, but without the annoying blowing. Once again, we found that to be really helpful for an office, where we’ve got papers, and fans blow things everywhere.

After all, it’s pretty hard to relax, focus, and be comfortable when it’s hot and buggy inside. This is a simple solution to help keep you cool and happy, without racking up a massive electricity bill.

So, you can basically think of it as an air conditioner… Except, it’s totally portable, and less than a tenth of the cost. 

Which takes us to the other huge selling point, to us- the sheer convenience. Air conditioners can’t just be bought- they need to be bought in, and hooked up to your air ducts. It’s a massively expensive piece of equipment, and requires a trained professional to install.

Speaking of cost… Let’s move on to the #1 most mind-blowing selling point for this!

So, What is the Cost-To-Benefit Ratio?

In short- it’s stunning. 

Traditional air conditioning is famously expensive. A single unit can cost anywhere starting from $700, going well up into the thousands.

According to HomeAdvisor, traditional air conditioning installation is between $3000 to $7000 to install! Then, of course, there’s all the cost of electricity.

The cherry on top is all the maintenance required for air conditioning- including repairs, and even things like air duct cleaning.

It adds up to a ton. That was the first thing about the Arctic Air Cooler that our team loved- it gives air conditioning levels of indoor comfort, for just the cost of a casual appliance. 

So, what does the IceBox require?

All it takes is some water poured into the tank, and a USB port. Yep, that’s all. No expensive setup, no confusing mechanics, no crazy instruction manual… You literally just plug it into a usb port, and pour some water in the tank. You can clean the filter with just a toothbrush, and it takes about 30 seconds per week.

Another Amazing Part…

Besides being easy to clean, it’s got some great safety features- it automatically shuts off when water runs low enough, so it doesn’t burn out the battery. That’s a handy feature, especially if you’re always in a rush, and sometimes come in and out of rooms without paying attention to every last appliance! It runs so quiet, it’s easy to forget.

Lastly, the humidity control is an underrated feature. A single tank of water can provide up to 8 hours of humidification! It’s easy to forget that, for a room, humidity is just as important as temperature. The IceBox takes care of both things.

So, not only are you regulating the temperature and humidity of your personal space, but you’re doing it efficiently, without churning up an electricity bill! 

It only focuses on the area you’re actually staying in- you’re not wasting energy to regulate huge empty spaces of a room that you’re not using!

What Did Our Editorial And Research Teams Think After Using It?

In case you couldn’t tell- we LOVED it, and we’re still using ours. With a hot, sticky summer approaching, we’re glad we found this chance to keep things cool indoors!

It’s perfect for an office space, as well as a home space, because of how quiet and peacefully it runs. You can just set it on your desk, hit a few buttons, and you’re taken care of. (Did we mention that the controls are ridiculously simple?)

In fact, it runs so quietly and smoothly, it’s easy to forget about. It’s a good thing it automatically shuts off after depleting the water!

All in all, it makes an amazing addition to any office desk, car, bedside, or even just by the couch when watching TV.

How Much Does It Cost?

We discussed all the costs of air conditioners. Given how similar the quality and effect is to those massive, advanced systems, you may expect this to be at least $500. We sure did!

When we saw the price, we had to do a double-check, then a triple-check. There’s no way we were reading it right… How could this be the real price?

Yeah, turns out that it’s usually only 159,99$. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, here’s the thing… That’s how low the cost is usually. Right now, though, it’s HALF of THAT- it’s not 159,99$; right now, you can get it for only 79,99$!

How Can The Price Be So Low?

How? HOW is it only 79,99$? It was pretty baffling to us too. We did some research, and here’s what we came up with;

🌐 The distributor is totally online, so they have no overhead costs. Because of that, they can focus on customer service, and don’t need to drive up costs to make a profit.
🏭 The production of the IceBox is extremely efficient, using a very innovative process. It’s hidden by patent law, but it seems that the producer uses some kind of unique and extra-efficient approach to production, by using responsibly-sourced high quality materials, and automated manufacturing.

The end result is a product that delivers the absolute most possible value, with the lowest possible economic input! 

In other words; high quality production, with a focus on the customer’s budget.

Why Is There A Sale Right Now?

Here’s a question- 

Why offer a sale for something that’s already selling really well? 🤔

We mentioned earlier that this thing is becoming super popular- you may be wondering why something so popular is on sale. It’s a legitimate question.

There’s no crazy secret, though… Here’s the thing-

Online companies will always run a big advertising campaign, and fuel it with a super-charged 50%-off offer that gets people excited. Then, as word of mouth spreads like wildfire, and people start clamoring to get theirs…💥💥BAM! Prices get doubled, and people keep buying anyway because nobody wants to miss out.

Personally, we think they’re doing this to get ready for summer. When summer comes, they’ll probably double the cost because of how much people will want it. 

So, we don’t know when this sale ends, but our business senses make us guess that they’ll probably do it around summer… SO, act fast! The sale’s gonna end right when you most need it.

Closing Thoughts; Is It Worth A Buy?

This isn’t just about making you comfortable (though it’s sure a part)

Maintaining an ideal temperature helps you focus on work, and it helps you to relax. More importantly, it’s just so great for turning your own personal space into something relaxing and happy.

In a way, it even pays for itself- no more overcharging for electricity!

We highly recommend, if you’re interested, that you act fast and get yours before the sale ends.

It’s getting hotter every day, and who knows- any second, the price might double forever.