Keep yourself cool all summer with this mini air conditioning unit and stop spending hundreds on your electrical bill!

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Summer is almost here and people are soon going to start complaining about the heat. This year is going to be super important to feel comfortable at home. More people are staying in to stay safe and are working from home. Enjoying the cool temperatures at the office building might no longer be a possibility for a lot of people.

It could be the year to invest in air conditioning. The problem is that most units are very big and there might not be any space for them. But the biggest problem with air conditioning is the cost! Hundreds spent on the unit itself and then you need to pay for a specialized technician to install the unit. But it doesn’t end there… The monthly costs of an air conditioning system are not feasible for many people.

Thankfully, this tiny unit is here for people to enjoy the comfort of their house without sweating because of the heat or because of the electrical bill going up like crazy!

What is the problem with conventional air conditioning units?

We all know it gets really hot in summer and if we don’t have anything to fight that heat it becomes really uncomfortable very fast. Thankfully, there are many solutions to get rid of the heat at home.

The thing is, there hasn’t been any solution that would fit all the needs… The cheapest solution is clearly an electric fan but everybody knows it’s not enough. The only thing it does is move around the hot air. I get it, at least there is some kind of breeze but it’s still very hot. The worst part is the annoying noise it makes that can be heard on videocalls or bothering you for a good night’s sleep.

Another common solution would be a full air conditioning unit. While it probably is the most comfortable solution, it is definitely not affordable for everybody. Think of the cost of the unit and the installation of the unit, it could be hundreds or even in the thousand dollar range! That price is for each room, not for the whole house… And then think of the size of that ugly, enormous unit, all the space you are going to have to sacrifice.

But those are not the worst problems with a full HVAC system. After spending all that money in the beginning, it doesn’t end there… The biggest problem of them all is the cost of using your air conditioning system every single month. Just watch the electrical bill skyrocket once you start using it.

Now, you might think that the best solution is one of those “portable” air conditioning units. While you can bring it to potentially any room in your house, you still need a window for a tube to drive the hot air out. Making the unit not very efficient in cooling the room.

Unfortunately, all the solutions have something bad about it. Until they came up with Frost, the mini air conditioning unit that will satisfy everybody’s needs without spending a fortune.

Why is the incredible technology behind Frost?

Frost Air Cooler is a new kind of system designed to keep you cool during those hot days and save money at the same time. Don’t be fooled by this tiny machine, you are going to be impressed.

The mini air condition unit pulls warm air from the room and converts it into cool air thanks to its evaporative water filter. The best part is that it doesn’t dry the atmosphere like conventional air conditioning units. Quite opposite, it actually works great to use just as a humidifier if you want.

Enjoy a healthier room environment with the mini ac unit. It works best within a 6 feet distance making you feel cooler and refreshed.

The unit can be placed absolutely anywhere, it even has its portable handle. Bring it to any part of your house or office, even in the outdoors!

Thanks to its water humidification system, this unit does not use freon gas, making it a lot more eco-friendly. The best part of this mini ac unit is its low energy consumption, allowing you to not suffer the heat or the expensive electrical bills that come with a full air conditioning unit.

Since the cost of Frost is a fraction of a full air conditioning unit (even without counting the electrical bills…), you can buy one mini ac unit for each room in your house without breaking the bank.

What is the difference between a conventional air conditioning system and Frost Air Cooler?

Conventional air conditioning units 👎

💸 Very expensive first investment
👨‍🔧 Initial installation by a technician
💵 High monthly electrical bills
💩 Hurts the environment
🏠 Occupies a lot of space in your home

Frost Air Cooler 👍

🤗 Easy-to-use
♻️ Eco-friendly
⚡ Energy saver
👛 Super portable
🔌 No installations
🌫️ Humidifies the atmosphere
🌬️ Air purifier
🤑 Budget-friendly
🔋 2000 mAh Rechargeable battery
🚰 Works with normal tap water

How is Frost used?

You can use Frost anywhere you want thanks to its tiny size, slightly bigger than a small jewelry box.

Start using it in your bedroom during those hot summer nights, bring it to the office to stay cool all day long, and finally, enjoy a picnic with your loved ones without sweating all day!

Frost Air Cooler is very easy to use with a simple 3-step process:

STEP 1: Fill the deposit with water.
STEP 2: Press the ON button.
STEP 3: Enjoy a cool, humidified, and purified atmosphere!

Yup! That simple!

Why is everybody going crazy buying thousands of units of this mini AC?

This simple gadget is going to save you thousands every single year. You will no longer have to go through all the hassle of getting a full HVAC system for your home. Just get a Frost unit and cool yourself down.

It uses a system that transforms the warm air from any room into a cool breeze thanks to simple tap water.

Hassle-free – No frustrating installation processes or setting up a date for a technician to go to your home.

Saves money – Without the initial investment of a full air conditioning unit plus monthly expenses of using it, you are going to save hundreds every single year. This mini-unit consumes no more than a regular light bulb!

Long battery life – Never worry about how long it will last thanks to its 2000mAh rechargeable battery. You are not going to run out of cool air anytime soon.

100% Safe – The blades of the fan are secured inside the unit. No blades exposed means no chance of getting hurt a very safe to use around children and pets.

Portable – Thanks to its tiny size, you can fit Frost inside any backpack or bag and enjoy it anywhere you want.

3 in 1 – Not only do you get to enjoy the cool air, but Frost also purifies and humidifies the atmosphere for a healthier environment.

Is Frost really worth the money?

Think about it, depending on the consumption of the air conditioning unit you purchase, your monthly cost could go up more than $200 a month! That is without counting the initial purchase and installation costs of your unit which could go from $500 to $1,500 plus a $400 to $500 installation fee.

Based on those prices, Frost is worth it even at its full price! At least it is worth a try… The cost of this mini AC unit is just a fraction of the monthly cost of a full unit!

The best part of this is that Frost is on sale right now! Given that you can buy more than one unit for your home, the company is offering increasing discounts depending on the units you purchase. Check it out on their website.

Hundreds of users are already saving hundreds every month and they are saying it was the best investment they made ever!

How to get Frost Air Cooler

1️⃣: Choose how many units you need for each room in your house
2️⃣: Order the units you need. Remember, the more you purchase, the more discount!
3️⃣: Get your units at home with the included FREE shipping costs.
4️⃣: Enjoy cool and healthy air all summer long!

Click the button below to get your Frost Air Cooler with an extra discount today!


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