What is This New Product That Brings the Humanity Back to Wearing Protectors? A Protector That Doesn’t Hide Your Face…

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Summary: A new American made protector is finally bringing back proper human communication in these uncertain times. Tens of thousands are already wearing them and are putting an end to the endless misunderstandings and miscommunications of the standard surgical protectors. Truly a little piece of humanity we have been missing is returning. You can now get your ClearShield with 50% Discount and Free Delivery!

Are you tired of all those protectors fogging up you glasses and breathing in that hot humid air? Do you hate having to go thorough like 5 of them every day? Are you utterly sick and tired of walking down the street, say hi to someone and have them give you the most weirded-out look because they can’t see that you’re smiling? Well you’re in luck today because a new transparent silicon protector is going to solve all your problems.

Let’s face it. Protectors are not going away anytime soon. They’re going to continue to be cover our faces for a long time to come. Making it annoying to breathe, impossible to communicate properly with our loved ones and make us feel really warm and sweaty. It is said that 93% of communication is nonverbal, and we’re now all walking around with just that poor 7%. And even less with how muffled our voice sounds behind the cloth.

But what can we do? Protectors are a necessity. The discomfort on our face and the difficulty to show off our beautiful smile or that fancy new lipstick color just have to be accepted as realities of life, no?

Not anymore. A new protector is spreading like crazy on social media and might just solve our problem.

What Are We Talking About?

This futuristic piece of carefully designed high grade silicone is called the ClearShield, a creation of an American engineer and entrepreneur who sought to solve the comfort and more importantly social problems resulting from the widespread use of cloth and surgical protectors.

No effort was spared to figure out the right materials and design to solve these problems, from fogging to the nose pad, and the result is a flexible, reusable transparent protector that allows you to bring back the other 93% of communication back into your daily life.

No longer will you have to hide your smiles (or frowns) again.

Does The ClearShield Really Work?

There have been a few attempts at making transparent protectors, but they either suffered from poor quality materials that would fog up instantly, beating the whole purpose of a transparent protector, or had an uncomfortable, or just plain silly, designs.

Enter the ClearShield. Meticulously designed to allow maximum comfort to your face, with a soft silicon material and comfortable nose pads.

But what about the fog, we hear you ask, well the ClearShield has you covered there too. Its clever design and choice of materials ensure that your face will never be obscured from view (unless it rains and you forget your umbrella, in which case wiping off the raindrops is on you).

The well thought out quality of life features don’t stop there though. The ClearShield has loop-less ear hooks, so basically it’s like wearing a pair of glasses, to avoid that annoying tag and even chafing on the back of your ear, and they are foldable! So you can easily put the thing in your bag or out once you’re back home.

And lastly there’s of course the part we all hate the most: going through several pairs of protectors every day, having to stock our pockets with a hopefully adequate amount of spares. Well, the ClearShield solves this problem too, being fully washable and reusable, and because it’s silicone, there’s no real drying time or anything as with reusable cloth protectors, you just wash it with some water or soap, wipe it off and you’re good to go in seconds!

To sum it up, what exactly the ClearShield have that’s making it such a sought-after product?
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Allows You to Stay Social – Talk to people around you express your emotions and your charming smile.
🧚🏻 Comfortable and Lightweight – No more annoying pinching straps like other products and protector marks!
💨 Allows Easy Breathing – Designed so that you can breathe oxygen and not the carbon dioxide you emit, unlike other protectors.
🧼 Washable And Reusable – It is very easy to clean with watter and soap as many times as you wish.
♻️ Safe and Environmentally Friendly – Made of high quality materials that are not dangerous


But Don’t Just Listen to Us, These People Loved the

I was getting so fed up from talking to people and them not understanding when I was joking! I’m a sarcastic person dammit! I wish we could all stop wearing these protectors already but until then I’m going to wear my new silicon ones so that my jokes are never missed again!! Amazing product btw.”

Really really skeptical at first as I thought it was like one of those rigid plastic ones that would dig into my already bigger than average cheekbones, but I was pleased to discover it was soft silicone that softly hugged my skin and did not smudge my make-up or lipstick. Finally I can wear make-up and feel pretty again and show it off to everyone!! I missed this so much!!”

I work with kids with disabilities and a few of them are deaf. It is absolutely crucial that they see my mouth as they read my lips to understand what I’m saying and this silicon shield was just what I needed! Everyone can clearly see my lips and as an added bonus it’s reusable! I even got a few more pairs for the rest of the staff.”

Our Conclusion – Buy It While it’s Still Available

Absolutely YES! It’s a no brainer really. Do you like not breathing your own hot exhalations over and over? Do you like your glasses fog free? Do you like people being able to see your smiles and frowns? Then get yourself a ClearShield while the sale is still on!

Comfortable Fit and Easy to Wear
Looks Stylish and Modern
Easy Breathing
Fast and Easy to Clean
Anti-Fog Layer
 50% Discount and Free Shipping
May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon
Where Can You Get Your ClearShield?

Now that you’re aware that you don’t have to hide your beautiful smile, you’re probably itching to know where to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

Step 1: We recommend ordering an original ClearShield from the official website here.
Step 2: Put it on and let the whole world see you smile.

TIP: ClearShield is selling out rapidly right now… We highly recommend placing your order fast before the online discount ends!




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